Terms and Conditions

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     The terms and conditions (Terms of service) of the website govern your usability and your access of the JobEnrolls website, involving any services, functionality and content as applicable. Please go through the terms and conditions carefully before getting started to use the site. By reading terms and conditions in the beginning, you must put check on the box of that will further assure that you agree and accept the terms of services when this choice is made accessible to you. In brief, you are supposed to follow all the terms and conditions and our privacy policy in order to use the JobEnrolls. If you are not ready to accept and the term of services and privacy policy of JobEnrolls, you must not use or you must not access the site. For more comprehensive regulations of the usage and activity on the site, please access the chosen articles herein. This site is available and offered to users who are 13 years of age or older. If you are under 13 year of age you are advised not to access this site and use the services of JobEnrolls. By using this site, you warrant and represent that you are above 13 to form a binding contract and meet all of the preceding Eligibility requirements. If you do not meet all of these requirements, you should not use or access the site. Our customer support service is available 24/7 if you have any queries regarding the terms of services and site. Our customer support service can be avail by requesting an application. 

Key Terms

  • Buyers are users who buy services on JobEnrolls.
  • Custom Offers are premium proposals that a seller can make in reply to the specific needs of a purchaser.
  • Custom Orders are requirements made by a purchaser to receive a customer offer from vendor. 
  • Disputes are differences practised during an order between seller and buyer on JobEnrolls.
  • JobEnrolls Balance is the combined amount of your profit as a seller and or reimbursed payments from cancelled orders as a purchaser. 
  • JobEnrolls Credits are credits that website offer users to be used only for purchasing on JobEnrolls subject to these terms and conditions or any other valid laws or conditions. 
  • Order Page is where sellers and buyers communicate with each other in joining with an ordered job. 
  • Orders are the official between a seller and buyer after a purchase was made from the Seller’s job Page. 
  • Payment Services Provider(s) are service providers that offer services for payments to sellers and buyers in connection with JobEnrolls platform, involving with respect to group of funds from buyers in connection with the jobs purchase, funds holding and withdrawal of funds to sellers in connection with finished jobs, and the funds holding in connection with JobEnrolls Balance.
  • Revenue is the money that vendors earn from finished orders and can either withdraw or utilize to buy jobs on JobEnrolls subject to these terms. 
  • Sellers are users who provide and perform services through jobs on JobEnrolls.

Overview (Main terms, in a nutshell)

  • Only members may sell and buy on JobEnrolls. 
  • Registration is free of cost. 
  • Jobs on JobEnrolls may be provided at a base starting price of (..). Some jobs are provided at a base price of more than (..) as set by the seller. 
  • Buyers pay JobEnrolls in advance to make an order.
  • Orders are usually purchased through the button found of order on a seller’s job page, not through an offer that is custom.  
  • For payments and Fees please read the section of purchasing.
  • Sellers should fulfil their orders, and may not cancel orders usually or without any relevant cause. Cancelling order will have a negative impact on a seller's status and reputation.
  • Sellers achieve statuses of account based on their reputation and performance. 
  • Advanced levels offer their owners with the number of benefits involving services offered for higher priced through job extras, or selling their job in multiples. 
  • Users may not provide or accept the payments with any method other than charging an order through JobEnrolls. 
  • JobEnrolls recollects the right to use all published or delivered works for JobEnrolls marketing purposes and promotion purposed. 
  • We care about your safety and privacy, you can read our privacy policy on the next page. The privacy policy is a section of these terms of service and incorporated herein by reference.
  • Buyers will be charged 5% and Freelancers will be charged 10%.
  • In case of a refund, they will get a full refund but they won't get a refund on the service charge they have paid, so they won't get a refund on the 5%.
  • No other advertisements on our site. No illegal work. Work and chat will only be conducted through our site and not personal or any other communication outside this site.
  • Personal details can't be shared in the chat, and strictly no political talks etc.
  • No Illegal Documents can be shared in the document etc.
  • If Buyers ask us for a refund they have to provide strong evidence.
  • JobEnrolls charge Buyers 5% and Sellers 10% and there will be a charge for Milestone payment made and a Minimum of 10$ should be earned before requesting for withdrawal.
  • Once a job is sent to dispute, JobEnrolls will have the full rights and power to make a decision and it has to be accepted by the users.
  • Once the Full amount (Milestone Payment) is released and project has been delivered. Buyers will have 7 days to come back and request for a refund providing strong evidence. So for that 7 days payment will be on hold for the seller and once the 7 days are over, money will be transferred to Freelancer. No Refunds after the 7days.


  • No illegal work can be posted 

     In our website generally user generates the content and also edited by the user as this opposed to the content created by this sites and the rights that a website owner has to create the content so all the rights of creating content is for the users and the rights for monitoring the content is for the owners and managers of the JobEnrolls. All content that is found on the site is generated by users of the JobEnrolls. Users of the JobEnrolls are sellers and buyers. JobEnrolls does not check for the violations and appropriateness. This has to be checked already by the uses who are posting the content. This also included the trademarks, copyrights and other violations of the rights. JobEnrolls just check with a skim read that is for any abusive language and in an ethical manner. If any user of the JobEnrolls experienced any irrelevant or violating content, that particular person has rights to report and that reported and violating content will be disabled and removed. Moreover, JobEnrolls is not rightly responsible for the quality, content or for the service provided by the sellers even if they are rated with five stars or two stars. Therefore, the relevance of the information should be monitored by every single user who is posting the content and providing services. We have no credibility for the warranty with respect to the jobs, their deliverance and any interaction between the sellers and buyers. We motivate users to take benefit of our rating system, their common sense and the community reviews of the sellers when choosing a particular job service offers.  By providing any content on the JobEnrolls the sellers take the responsibility that he/she has ample amount of rights and permissions as well as the license to offer, resell or sell a particular service that is offered on JobEnrolls. Advertising sellers their job online should comply with law and terms of service of the advertising platform or rational website use to promote. Failing to do so may result in the elimination of the job and may lead to the suspension of the account of sellers. For particular terms that are related to IPR which is also referred as Intellectual property rights and for reporting the claims of copyright infringement or infringement of trademarks kindly see our intellectual policy that is about property claims which form a prime part of these terms and conditions. You are requested to keep this in the information that it is our integral policy in relevant conditions to terminate or disable the JobEnrolls user's accounts of individuals who are repeat infringers.  

  • Can't advertise other sites services or products in this site 

     When the confirmation of payment is attained, your order will be made and given an innovative identity by the system of the JobEnrolls. Sellers are required to post completed files and proof work using the Deliver work button (Located on the page of the order) according to the type of service that was advertised and purchased on their job. Using the work button of deliverance may not be abused by sellers to avoid order outline explained in these terms of conditions. Using the button of delivering work when an order was not fulfilled may result in a cancellation of that order after a review, negatively impact the ratings of sellers and result in a warning to seller. An order is marked as completely finished and delivers after it is marked as delivered to the client and then accepted by a buyer or purchase. An order will be directly marked as complete if not formally accepted and no request for changes was informed within (..) days after the order was marked was completed and delivered. We motivate our sellers and buyers at JobEnrolls to settle and try to avoid conflicts or hate speeches against each other amongst themselves. If for any cause this fails after using the resolution center or if you encounter usage that is not permitted on the site, users can communicate at JobEnrolls customer support department for help and assistance here at JobEnrolls.

  • Termination and other basic rules and regulations 

     JobEnrolls reserves the right to suspend or permanently disable an account for breach of these Terms or Services or illegal or improper use of the Site or the Services. Users who cannot sell or purchase a frozen account for JobEnrolls who violate our Terms of Service and have disabled their account can contact our Customer Support team for more information about the account violation and status. The supplier will be able to withdraw their account from unauthorized use and provide material to prove ownership of the account, and the user should be able to verify account ownership through customer support, and after the security period, the supplier will be able to withdraw their income from the disability account. The dispute must be processed within 90 days of account ownership from the date of using the JobEnrolls Dispute Resolution Tool ("Solution Center" on the ordering page) or contacting the last payment of the JobEnrolls Customer Support.  After making these changes, JobEnrolls will make a new copy of the Terms of Service provided on this page.

  • Purchasing at JobEnrolls 

     Orders are usually purchased through the button found of order on a seller's job page, not through an offer that is custom. Purchaser is granted all rights for the work that has been delivered unless otherwise specified by the Seller on their job page. Note: some jobs charge extra payments through job Extras) for commercial use license. You must purchase a job extra commercial license if you wish to use it for any fee or for other purposes, or for any purpose that is directly or indirectly related to any business or any non-profit enterprise. Gain broader rights covering business use.

  • Data and Privacy on JobEnrolls 

     In order to protect the privacy of the user, the user ID is kept secret. Cross-abuse of the JobEnrolls messaging system or the JobEnrolls platform to communicate requests or provide email addresses outside of the JobEnrolls such as Skype / IM username, phone number or other personal contact information is monitored for maintained services that are required for any personal information exchange may be on the order page. All JobEnrolls suppliers are subject to the following standards to ensure a professional, safe and enjoyable environment for the JobEnrolls family. JobEnrolls encourages its talented distributors to provide buyers with the best experience and best service while protecting their rights. By the time of the sale of JobEnrolls, you agree to this policy and our Terms of Service. 

  • Ownership at JobEnrolls 

     Unless expressly stated on the seller's job page, the buyer shall acquire all intellectual property rights, but not limited to the copyright of the work provided by the seller, when submitting the work and paying for it. If the submitted work does not comply with the terms of employment to be employed or US copyright law does not apply, the seller must agree to transfer the copyright to the buyer in the delivered work. For the avoidance of doubt, specially created works (such as works of art, design works, report generation, etc.), the work delivered shall be the exclusive property of the buyer and the seller shall grant all rights. Title and relevance to work: Certain concerts (including specially created works) require an additional fee for commercial licenses (via job Extras). This means that if you purchase a job for personal use, you will have all the rights. You will need it for this type of use and you do not need a commercial license. 

  • Disclaimer

     The used content and any services or products obtained on the Website are provided "as is" and "as far as possible". Foundation, without warranty of any kind, express or implied. JobEnrolls or anyone associated with the JobEnrolls does not guarantee the integrity, security, reliability, quality, accuracy or availability of the website. A guarantee that the applicable law cannot exclude or limit it.

  • Automatic translation

     This service may include translations supported by Google. Google disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure accurate translation, but the above translations are not imperfect and are not intended to replace human translation. The translation is provided as a service to the users of the website and is provided "as is". Other content Due to limitations of translation software, certain content (such as images, videos, Flash, etc.) may not be translated correctly. The official text is the English version of the website. Any inconsistencies or discrepancies in the translation are not binding and have no legal effect on compliance or enforcement purposes. Please refer to the English version of the official website.

  • Limitation on Liability

     In no event shall its affiliates or licensors, service providers, employees, agents, officers or management be liable for any damages resulting from your use of any legal theory. Any direct or indirect, private, incidental, indirect or criminal damages to the Site or to any affiliated site content on the or obtained through the Site or other such sites will not be entertained. Direct or indirect damage, including personal injury, pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of income, loss of profits, loss of business or risk, loss of use, loss of goodwill, loss of data and negligence; or, even if foreseeable, seller, JobEnrolls and Affiliates are also not responsible for such actions or negligence as they assume responsibility as a limited authorized payment agent. It does not affect any liability that is not subject to applicable laws or restrictions. As used herein, the term "associated company" refers to an organization that has more than fifty per cent (50%) of the voting rights or that is controlled or directly controlled by JobEnrolls. Other owner's rights or majority voting rights of the company.

  • Refunds

     For cancelled orders, JobEnrolls will not refund the minimum payment returned to your payment provider. The funds for the cancellation of the order will be refunded to the buyer's JobEnrolls balance and will be available for purchase in JobEnrolls in the future. JobEnrolls will refund the service fee to your JobEnrolls balance after the order is cancelled. Your next purchase will be waived. Once the payment provider receives it, deposit refund prevention can be done by our customer support team (based on the original payment currency of the order). We limit the user's payment provider request to prevent fraud and abuse of our customer support team to review the account for an additional fee.

  • Credits 

     In some cases, JobEnrolls may provide points ("JobEnrolls Points" or "Points") for promotional purposes or other means of purchasing performances and/or other services offered on the Site. In your account, your current JobEnrolls Credits will be automatically applied to your next purchase and will be visible in the order summary after the order. JobEnrolls Credits is subject to different time limits and will expire after a predefined period. Additional terms and restrictions disclosed to you upon receipt of credit. If the fraud, abuse or violation of these terms then the credit may be considered invalid.  If you or JobEnrolls disable or suspend your JobEnrolls account, the unused JobEnrolls Credit in your account will be lost.

  • Terms of services for orders 

     A valid/active order (after the buyer fulfils his or her request and before delivery to the seller JobEnrolls). The seller did not respond more than 24 hours even if the order was marked as delayed. Users abuse the other party with a lower threat rating or threaten to use order materials (such as entries, personal information). Provide or include users of copyrighted/trademark infringing material as part of the buyer's request or delivery by the seller. The user is no longer an active JobEnrolls operator due to a violation of the Terms of Service or closing his account. Delivered order (after the seller clicks the immediate delivery button before the order mark is completed). The seller uses the delivery system to extend the delivery date to complete the requested service without providing the final delivery service to the recipient. Note: Multiple violations will permanently suspend your account. The supplier does not provide any documentation and/or work evidence required by the order. Note: Our customer support team will review the attributes of the relevant materials. The seller requests to end-service delivery of additional payments directly related to the agreed requirements to be stopped within and outside the JobEnrolls platform. The seller is responsible for stopping the final service to increase the rating. Abuse the "Revision Request" button to get more buyers who exceed the requirements accepted by the supplier. Threats to conduct a harmful review to obtain more buyers of services that are not related to the terms accepted by the seller. Completed order (marked as completed and limited to 14 days ago). Users who have been verified and certified to use materials infringing copyright/trademarks. JobEnrolls Customer Support will review order delivery operations to prevent buyers and sellers from taking full advantage of our Solution Center to ensure complete markup of orders.